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8 Ways to Splash Color onto Your Space Without Paint

Drop the paint brush -- and the mess that comes with it!

When a room is lacking life and feeling dull, adding color is the first thing that comes to mind. But adding color doesn’t always have to involve paint. As it already goes without saying, painting is messy -- not to mention, renters might not have the chance to even just consider this solution. Looking to sprinkle color onto spaces in your home? We’ve curated a list of painless and easy-as-ABC home decor to inject some life and vividness into any room in your home.

Removable Wallpaper

This option is for when you want to make a bold statement. But don’t worry -- this is one that your landlord would approve of! It’s trouble free too as it’s literally stick-and-peel!

Fleece Throw

Fleece throws and couch blankets aren’t just good for warmth -- they’re great for adding pops of color too! Aside from being simple yet functional, they can also be great style and statement makers. Not to mention -- you can drape them everywhere!

Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are a very important part of a bathroom’s decor. They’re also a great way to splash some color onto an often-overlooked space like the bathroom.


Decorating with a tapestry can not only add warmth and dimension to a room, it can also be a good way to sprinkle color onto any space. It can create a lively focal point that can define and shape the vibe of the room, or it can simply add vibrance to a dull and ordinary wall.

Throw Pillow

Some people find throw pillows tricky. These little squares of style are often overlooked and sometimes even intimidate people, what with all the mixing and matching that needs to be done. But what many don’t realize is that one of the easiest and quickest ways to breathe colorful life into a room is by switching up the throw pillows. And the mixing and matching part.

Wall Mural

Stun your house guests while creating a stylish and cool vibe with a colorfully dramatic wall mural. Inject creativity and personality on a grand scale, and in as easy as 1-2-3! These wall murals are easy to apply -- and remove! Another perfect one for renters since you can stick it on and peel it off without leaving a mark. You get all the splash of color you want, without the mess of paint! 

Art Print

When chosen carefully, art prints and wall art in general can provide for an entire room. So, if you’re looking to make a splash and make a room more vibrant and livelier, pick an art print that will make your bold statement for you!

Wall Decal

Wall decals are all the rage right now. And understandably so! They’re easy-peasey to apply and they speak volumes when it comes to turning a dull wall into one that’s impressively out of the ordinary.

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